A group of primary school students in the United Kingdom was in for a huge surprise during one of their recent quarantine music lessons.

Children at Eccelesbourne Primary School in London attending a music lesson on the Zoom call with their teacher Timothy Spoerer were left surprised when Spoerer welcomed his pal, Ed Sheeran, for a special lesson.

The "Shape of You" singer interacted with the children during the call and revealed: "I basically wasn't very smart at school I thought I was an idiot for a very long time. I couldn't do maths, science, and English, and I was told to be successful in life you had to do those things."

"I loved playing music, that's what made me happiest. My dad always said to me, 'If you want to be a musician work really hard at it,'" the 29-year-old added.

According to The Sun, the "I Don't Care" hitmaker even taught the kids how to play some of his hits on guitar. The musician also shared his struggles and experiences with the elementary-aged students and revealed that playing covers at weddings was how he paid his bills.

The children also asked Sheeran if he will be releasing any new music soon, to which the singer said, "Not for a while, some time next year. I need a year off not doing anything. Getting back to normal life."

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran has been participating in philanthropic work to help coronavirus relief efforts. The singer reportedly donated over 1 million pounds to local charities in his hometown of Suffolk last month. He has distributed the amount in cash to several organisations, one of which is a children's ward in a hospital in Ipswich.

"It is a horrible time and Ed wants to do what he can to help. He has split a seven-figure sum between local charities to try to ease the strain on his local community," a source told Evening Standard last month.

Ed Sheeran
REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

It came after he assured employees at his Bertie Blossoms restaurant in Notting Hill in West London that he will continue to pay their wages even as it stays closed due to coronavirus lockdown.