Egypt and Pakistan have seen murders take place attributed to Islamic fundamentalists (Reuters)

A university student was stabbed to death in Suez, Egypt, after he was seen in public with his girlfriend by suspected Islamic militants.

The killing, in which the 20-year-old was knifed in front of his girlfriend, is increasing fears over Islamic vigilante mobs in Egypt aiming to strictly enforce their understanding of the teachings of the religion, after being emboldened by the election of an Islamist president.

Ahmed Hussein Eid was with his girlfriend in a quiet park popular with courting couples. His killing follows the recent killings of two musicians, also by suspected militants.

Security officials told AP that they were not able to directly link the militants to any of Egypt's main Islamic groups.

A funeral procession was organised for the student, while his father, Hussein Eid, refused to accept condolences before his son's murderers face justice.

Religious violence also struck in Pakistan, where a crowd numbering in the thousands beat a man to death before burning his corpse after he was accused of desecrating the Koran.

The man is understood to have been detained by police for throwing pages from Islam's holy book into the street.

A huge crowd of protesters formed and pushed their way past police, who attempted to protect the unidentified man, but were heavily outnumbered.

Under blasphemy laws in Pakistan, anyone found guilty of insulting the Koran or the Prophet Muhammad can be sentenced to death.