Vulcan Elite Dangerous Nimoy Tribute
Vulcan in Elite Dangerous, where the memorial station will be placed. Frontier Developments

Space faring simulation game Elite: Dangerous has honoured the life of science fiction icon Leonard Nimoy.

The actor most famous for playing Star Trek's Mr Spock in the 60s TV series and most recently in 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness died last Friday (27 Feb) at the age of 83 after a year-long battle with hronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

A space station will be named after him and added to the game in an forthcoming update.

Developers Frontier Developments have christened the station The Nimoy Memorial Station and it will fittingly be placed near the game's planet Vulcan – named after the homeworld of Spock's Vulcan race.

#The tribute was revealed by Elite: Dangerous's executive producer Michael Brooks on the Frontier forums.

Other tributes have popped over the weekend, most notably in MMO Star Trek Online, where a reported 1000 players travelled the game's version of Vulcan to pay their respects.

Fellow space-trading game Star Citizen will also honour Nimoy, as revealed by Cloud Imperium Games' community manager Ben Lesnick, who said: "I think it's safe to say that Mr. Nimoy was an inspiration to all of us on the team, both acting as Spock and because of his core, kind humanity.

"We will find an appropriate way to honour him."