Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia de Rossi Celebrated their 6th Anniversary together Reuters

Amid reports of marital troubles, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary this weekend and sky is definitely not the limit for this wonderful couple!

De Rossi arranged for a giant "SIX" to be written in the sky.

The 41-year-old had the word 'six' scribbled into the blue horizon to surprise her other-half Ellen, who promptly posted a Twitter snap to capture the beautiful moment.

According to DeGeneres' website, the two love their skywriting and have done it many times before.

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier that de Rossi went to rehab in May. De Rossi reportedly attended Malibu rehab facility for drug and alcohol abuse in May, and ever since her return, not everything is hunky-dory between the celebrity couple.

Reports of her cheating and an alleged divorce from Ellen were making the rounds in media. Some websites suggested that Portia has turned to longtime friend Jennifer Aniston for support.

An insider recently told People Magazine: "They've had their ups and downs.Portia has been very outspoken about previous issues, like her eating disorder, and she's good at seeking help when she needs to."

"They both love to celebrate special occasions and holidays, and their wedding anniversary is no different. They usually celebrate with a big party and invite a lot of friends," the source continued about DeGeneres and de Rossi marital life.

"They really are a lovely couple. They enjoy being married, and it shows.They've worked out difficulties in the past, and no doubt they're trying to work out any problems right now," the same source added.