Scream season 2 has been dealing with an unknown killer, who one way or the other is making the life of the Lakewood teenagers difficult and full of horror. The MTV show returns this Tuesday with episode 8 titled Village Of The Damned, which characteristically summarises the hostile situation of the town and puts the spotlight back on Emma. Who is next on the killer's list?

Click here to watch the episode live online on MTV's official website in the US. The episode will air on 19 July at 10pm EST on MTV.

As the town prepares to celebrate the Lakewood Days Carnival, the Brandon James killer seems to be up to his psychopathic games once again. The trailer for the upcoming episode features a shackled Kieran as the new killer uses him as bait for Emma.

If the past episodes have proved anything, it is the fact that celebrations are the perfect opportunity for brutal killings.

Emma will have to become a part of the bloody game, if she wishes to save Kieran from becoming the next victim, the official synopsis teases.

The video ends with a brave Emma pointing a gun at the masked murderer as she questions him, "Where is Kieran?" Will the traumatised teen be able to save her love interest, or will he meet the same fate as Jake?

Tuesday's episode will hopefully reveal the answers; meanwhile, the sneak peek video teased Audrey's storyline as she continued to be threatened by the killer. In the video, Audrey wakes up with blood dripping on her face as she stares at the ceiling to read the words "12 Dead," written. Her connection with Piper Shaw – the killer of the last season – is clearly taking a toll on the Lakewood 5.

Audrey's only comfort at this time is her confidante Noah, who correctly advises her to tell Emma everything. "As long as you have the secret, the killer owns you," Noah advises.

Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the town is not going to be a pleasant one with all the kidnapping and mysteries involved. In addition, Brooke has planned a surprise of her own. Is the MTV teenage horror flick going to shirk off its lacklustre stance with some real killing this time?

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