Scream season 2 episode 5 will air on MTV on 28 June at 10 pm EST Scream/MTV

MTV horror flick Scream is moving its show timing from Monday 11pm EST to Tuesday 10pm EST. As the teenage series delves deeper into season 2, a new Brandon James killer has come into the limelight with a gory display of blood and guts in the last episode. Scream returns with season 2 episode 5 titled Dawn Of The Dead this week on Tuesday.

Click here to watch the episode live online on the official website in the US. The episode will air on 28 June on MTV.

Lakewood 5 – after Jake's decaying body was discovered – was reeling in the last episode from the saga of deaths that has come once again to haunt the bunch of teenagers in town.

Last week, the killer went public with his bloody tricks as he dropped dead Jake on his girlfriend Brooke when she took to the stage as a finalist of the Lady of the Lake pageant.

Read the official synopsis for the episode here:

The death of a loved one hits hard and GW High goes into lockdown. Suspicions rise among the Lakewood 5 who wonder if it's all happening again and if one of their own is the Killer...

Episode 5 named Dawn Of the Dead after the 1978 George Romero zombie movie will pick up from the events following the horror show on stage leading to a lockdown in the George Washington High School. "I'm officially putting the school into lockdown. I want every single student accounted for," Sheriff Acosta announces to the teenagers in the trailer for the upcoming episode.

Soon after the lockdown, however, Kieran finds a phone which says "Property of Jake," on its back, leading him to believe that they might have locked the killer inside.

"The only person that could have had this..." Kieran says reflecting on the newfound phone, "is the killer," Emma completes his sentence. The promo ends with Emma running into the masked killer once again, as she screams, "Not this time!"

Watch the trailer for the episode here:

Angst and hysteria seems to take over the high school students as they realise that they might be trapped inside the school with a psychotic killer. Lakewood's latest entry Gustavo – the sheriff's son – comments further exaggerates the situation as he shares with Noah, "What if they think one of us is the killer?"

A sneak peek video reveals that Audrey, who had been dancing to the tunes of the new killer for quite some time is doubtful of the new kid Gustavo and even believes that he "might be seriously messed up." Are Audrey's suspicions about Gustavo correct? Is he the new Brandon James killer?

To find out, watch Scream season 2 episode 5 on Tuesdays.