Scream airs on Tuesdays on MTV Scream/MTV

MTV's Scream had aired a steamy episode last week featuring Brooke and her high school teacher-cum-former lover Branson, before things got difficult for the latter. The teenage thriller show returns this week with a brand new episode titled Let The Right One In, which could see another Lakewood resident become victim to the psychotic killer in the town.

Click here to watchthe episode live online on MTV's official website in the US. The episode will air on 12 July at 10pm EST on MTV.

This week's episode takes its name after the 2008 drama horror, which was directed by Tomas Alfredson. Set in the suburbs of Stockholm, the movie narrates the story of a 12-year-old boy, who was bullied and was out for revenge.

However, there is no direct link between the plot of the movie and the MTV show and it seems like the killer's thirst for blood is the only connecting link between the two.

Meanwhile, a distraught Brooke was previously seen plotting to find Jake's killer. In the last episode, she even went on to the extent of seducing her ex-lover Branson in a secluded hotel room – binding him with handcuffs – to discover if he was involved in the brutal and nasty killing of the Lakewood teenager.

Watch the trailer for the episode here:

The trailer for the upcoming episode shows that Brooke feels guilty about leaving the high school teacher in the hotel room in such a vulnerable position, especially when there's a killer on the loose. She even confides her fears with Audrey, who too has skeletons in her closet.

Nonetheless, the official synopsis for Tuesday's episode reveals that Emma will embark on an adventure of her own with none other than Kieran's cousin Eli. While Emma uses some distraction in her personal life, sheriff Acosta will bring home some bad news about her. "This is about Emma, we both know it could be our own fault," he is seen telling Emma's mother Maggie.

To find out if Branson makes it out alive of the hotel room, watch Scream on 12 July on MTV.