Rhona and Pierce tie the knot before things get dark ITV

It is set to be a happy occasion as Rhona and Pierce prepare to tie the knot, but in true Emmerdale style, things take a rather dark turn pretty quickly following the ceremony, proving that no wedding in the 'Dales can go unscathed.

After what seems to be a great day of saying ''I do'', one of the most brutal and disturbing incidents to have ever been aired on the ITV soap will get underway, and it will undoubtedly shock viewers.

In devastating scenes, bride Rhona Goskirk will be raped by her new husband Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather). It is not the first time the controlling groom has forced himself on the favourite character, but tonight's episode will be by far the most graphic that Emmerdale viewers have witnessed yet.

And actress Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona, has claimed that she has banned her children from viewing the traumatising sex attack, which she believes is too harrowing for them to watch.

Henry, 34, is mother to Violet, 12, and Stanley, nine, with her Emmerdale co-star Jeff Hordley who plays Cain Dingle in the soap.

She claimed that being a mum made her much more concerned about the issue of sexual consent, commenting on the somewhat grey area of rape when two people are in a relationship.

Henry told The Mirror: "With this, there really is no grey area – non-consensual sex is rape. It doesn't matter if you know that person or you don't know that person.

Pierce doesn't reveal his true character until his wedding night ITV

"In that earlier episode a lot of the audience thought Pierce crossed the line, but interestingly a lot of the audience thought he didn't cross it because they were in a relationship.

"Where do you even begin to debate that? It is really, really difficult. That's why this is hugely important," she added.

The actress admitted that being a mother to a nearly-teenage daughter made the storyline more poignant, adding: "I'm the mother of a 12-year-old girl and in the next five years she'll be growing up and moving on. It's more relevant than ever for me now.

"My kids won't be watching the episode, because I'd find it a bit difficult. But I will probably sit down and talk her through it when I have some time.

Rhona and Pierce on their wedding day ITV

"This is why soaps are relevant. We tell important stories about relevant things, often things like non-consensual sex, underage sex, teenage pregnancy – the soaps have covered them all," she continued.

Though viewers have been aware of Pierce's cruel nature for some time, the full extent of his character traits are only revealed after the couple tie the knot, leaving Rhona feeling trapped. The rape will mark a turning point in their relationship, from manipulative to physically abusive.

Rhona will be left in complete shock before she is terrified and desperate to escape her new husband.

Emmerdale airs on ITV at 7pm tonight (24 April).