With more celebrity guest stars, and new music, Fox's new hip hop drama Empire, is amped up for its second season run. Cookie will continue scheming against Lucious when the show returns on 23 September, at 9pm ET/PT on Fox.

Cookie will stage a free Lucious campaign, but will continue to plan a hostile takeover of the company in the premiere. Episode 1 is titled, The Devils Are Here, and the official synopsis reads as follows:

Season Two picks up three months after the shocking arrest and incarceration of Empire Entertainment head Lucious Lyon(Terrence Howard). Still in federal lockup, Lucious is trying to run Empire from inside, while a headline-grabbing state prosecutor hangs her political ambitions on bringing him down - no matter what it takes. Meanwhile, Cookie stages a star-studded #FreeLucious concert in his support, while scheming with Andre, Hakeem, Anika and the business savvy Mimi Whiteman (guest star Marisa Tomei) to finalize the hostile takeover of Empire

The pilot season ended with Lucious in jail, Jamal leading the company, and Cookie and Hakeem conspiring with Anika for a hostile takeover. Although the Lyon family head will be seen in jail when season 2 begins, he will return with a vengeance and take everyone who plotted against him down. Showrunner Ilene Chaiken teased in a new preview video, "He [Lucious] is coming back with a vengeance, and with more power and determination than ever."

The dynamics of the show have changed over time, as when it premiered Cookie was in jail, but now it is Lucious who is behind bars. The new trailer released by the network teases a strong Cookie, who will do anything to get what is hers. "Who will rule the Empire?" the trailer asks. "Me and my boys are Lyons, we are strong," declares Cookie. When someone points out that Lucious Lyon is Empire, she says, "He might be, but he ain't no Cookie."

Who do you think will rule the Empire - Lucious or Cookie? Watch all the promos for Empire season 2 here: