Violent clashes between rival football fans over the last two days in Marseilles, spilled over into the terraces of the Stade Velodrome, as Russian fans stormed the British ranks at the end of the European championship match.

With Russia claiming a late draw, as the final whistle blew, large groups of Russians surged into the rival fans, throwing punches and kicking their victims, as they tore down the England flags, sending the England supporters running for the exits.

In shocking scenes, fans, including women and children, were seen scrambling over the barriers to escape serious assault. Russian fans tore the shirt off an England supporter's back as he attempted to flee the scene.

Earlier, fireworks were lit by Russian fans in the stands, causing a moment of alarm as the loud bang was heard throughout the stadium. The incident prompted concerns as to how fireworks had been brought into the venue amid heightened security following concern of terror attacks.

The latest shameful scenes inside the stadium follow two days of violence, in Marseille's Old Port district which have left two England fans fighting for their lives in hospital.

Euro 2016
Fans try to escape from the clash scene after the UEFA Euro 2016 Group B match between England and Russia at Stade Velodrome on June 11, 2016 in Marseille AFP/Getty

One of the most serious attacks was suffered by a 51-year-old England supporter who was left with horrific head injuries after being ambushed by Russian 'ultras', armed with knives and metal poles.

The critically injured English fan suffered a cardiac arrest. Matthieu Duroselle, spokesman for Marseille police, said: "There is one English fan that has been badly injured. His heart stopped but it was restarted by a police officer who provided heart massage at the scene."

Eyewitnesses told Mail Online the attack was unprovoked. "He got knocked to the ground and kicked in the head for nothing. He was not doing anything when some lads attacked him - French, Russian - I don't know who they were," claimed one English fan.

Euro 2016
A Russian fan tears the shirt off the back of an England supporter as he attempts to flee AFP/Getty

"It was the Russians that sparked it all off," an England supporter added. "A whole gang of the [Russians] came right into the middle of everything and started throwing punches."

Another said: "There's this group of Russians who are proper mental. They threw everything at us - chairs, bottles - and they slashed us with knives. The French are also having a go."

French police were forced to fire water cannon and tear gas into the crowd in an effort to quell the violence which left the area resembling "a war zone."

The Marseille senator, Samia Ghali, said: "The violence spoiled what should have been a party atmosphere. When you see drunken hooligans hurling bottles, I think you realise that it's necessary to impose restrictions on the sale of alcohol to make it easier to maintain order."

Euro 2016
Violent clashes erupted between Russian and England fans as the final whistle blew AFP/Getty

The Foreign Office said it was working with French authorities to help an England fan who was seriously injured in the clashes. "We are in contact with French authorities about a British national injured in Marseille and stand ready to provide further assistance," a spokesman said.

Six English fans have been arrested as a result of the violence, while it is believed at least 20 people have been left in hospital in the aftermath of the bloody assault.

The shameful scenes have overshadowed the tournament, and serious repercussions are anticipated as UEFA is expected to take action that could lead to some countries being ejected from the tournament. UEFA say they will await the report from their disciplinary department before commenting on scenes in the Stade Velodrome.

Euro 2016
England fans scramble over barriers to escape the violence AFP/Getty