Kate Silverton, Preeti and Tarun
Kate Silverton, Preeti and Tarun at the 21st Century Icon Awards. 21st Century Icon Awards

On the 19th of May, attendees of the 21st Century Icon Awards were welcomed into the glamorous Biltmore Hotel in Mayfair with a performance of the National Anthem by renowned singer Friederike Krum and were serenaded by members of the Royal Academy of Music. The decadent ballroom was the picture of elegance and flair, with the large screens, and a rather immaculate stage and set.

The event boasted an impressive crowd, filled with approximately 200 business leaders, CEOs, celebrities, film stars, politicians, and the like. Many distinguished guests were also in attendance, with some notable examples being the High Commissioner of Nigeria, the Baroness Grey-Thompson of the House of Lords, and the former Lord Mayor of London all taking part in the event.

Established in 2017 by Co-Founders Tarun Ghulati and Preeti Rana, the prestigious award aims to recognise the work of outstanding entrepreneurs, philanthropists, media personalities and many others, while also emphasising the endeavours and achievements of young people in developing sustainable and transformative solutions. The award also aims to build a network of the next generation of leaders making positive impacts on their various fields and to promote the leaders as role models.

Speaking more about the event, Co-Founder and COO Tarun Ghulati and Preeti Rana: "We created these awards to showcase the young leaders who through their tenacity, grit and hard work have become the beacons of change, inspiring others and are on the front seat of innovation."

During the event, a total of 14 awards were up for grabs, with the winners being selected from regions all over the world, which encompassed North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Some of the awards which were presented at the event included the Inspirational Icon Award, Specialist, Exquisite Art and Fashion Award, and the Sustainability Rising Star Award, among several others. The 14 winners were selected from a pool of almost 600 submissions, and picked from 45 finalists, corroborating the idea that receiving a 21st Century Icon Award is no easy feat.

Among the night's winners were well-known UK journalist Kate Silverton, who is widely known for her work as a presenter, broadcaster and newsreader for the BBC, and Scott Steinberg of the USA, a renowned leader in today's business strategies.

The issue of environmental sustainability was also highlighted by the event, as many of those that were awarded were celebrated for their efforts towards environmental conservation.

Dr Pablo Borboroglu was another one of the recipients, and was awarded the Inspiration Icon Award for his work founding the Global Penguin Society, dedicated to the conservation of the world's penguin species, and has created a positive impact in 22 countries which has protected millions of acres of penguin habitat.

Another notable recipient included Navjot Sawhney, who founded The Washing Machine Project, providing displaced and low-income communities with accessible, off-grid washing solutions by empowering women into taking charge of their lives, and was rewarded with the Sustainability Rising Star Award.

The event, as always, proved to be a huge success, and the Icon Awards has maintained itself as an important part of the global network.