With only a few months left before Sony and Microsoft officially begin their next-generation rivalry, consumers are curious to learn even more about what each respective console offers. Despite the differences in technical specifications and performance on paper, software publishers will still rely on game engines to develop their titles. Except for first-party exclusives, most multi-platform releases are likely to keep parity between the two systems. As such, Epic Games suggests that graphic will boast "movie-quality" level of detail.

In May, a lengthy graphical showcase debuted how far developers can push the envelope with Unreal Engine 5. To the surprise of many, it was revealed that the alleged real-time gameplay demo was running on the PS5. What followed was feedback provided by folks from Epic Games which praised the speed of the custom SSD used by Sony's new gaming machine. It was later implied that the Xbox Series X and its new storage technology is likewise capable of producing the visuals of the same quality.

Kim Liberi, the chief technology officer of Epic Games, described it to be "as believable and realistic as a movie." The Unreal Engine 5 demo was apparently using the developer's Nanite technology, according to T3. "For many years, the movie industry has been experimenting with Unreal Engine for previsualisation and cinematic shot design, and then last year Jon Favreau and LucasFilm made the leap to use Unreal to generate final pixels for in-camera visual effects on 'The Mandalorian.'"

Among the game engines available the Unreal Engine has been the popular choice among game studios. While some high-profile developers use in-house engines, Epic Games' offering allows independent groups to have the flexibility to match the graphical fidelity of big-budget titles once they have a grasp of its nuances.

Epic Games describes next-generation console graphics
In May, a lengthy graphical showcase debuted how far developers can push the envelope with Unreal Engine 5. Photo: Epic Games

Instead of devoting manpower for the "technical details of game development" developers can instead take advantage of Unreal Engine 5 to focus on features that will make the experience enjoyable for players. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are expected to have several games upon launch. However, Epic Games confirms that those being developed with its new engine will not be ready until 2021.