David Cameron prison reforms
David Cameron will head to Brussels this week knowing that a new poll has indicated just 21% of Brits believe he will get a good deal for the UK Toby Melville/Reuters

David Cameron's personal ratings have dipped considerably amid fears from the public that the British PM has not got the power to secure a good deal from EU renegotiations this week. Cameron will head to Brussels on Thursday 18 February for a crunch EU summit which will finalise the last details of his controversial EU deal.

According to pollsters, ComRes, in a study for the Independent on Sunday, Cameron has dropped seven points in the last three months to just 31% as the public doubt he has the ability to secure acceptable terms for the UK. His plunge in the polls now sees his disapproval rating (48%) almost identical to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's ratings (50%).

The latest EU deal has been questioned by members of Cameron's own party, including London Mayor Boris Johnson, for not fully addressing UK sovereignty in law-making. There are also concerns about an "emergency brake" on benefits for EU migrants and an option for the UK to reject an "ever closer union".

Cameron is expected to take battle the EU on plans to limit child benefit for European-based migrants, and applying an "emergency brake" limiting the time migrants can access benefits. Under the current terms any migrant will see their access to benefits restricted for four years.

The poll suggests 58% of the public expect Cameron to get a 'bad' deal with just 21% believing he will secure a 'good' settlement when talks are over. Rejecting the PM's claim that migrant camps similar to the so-called 'Jungle' will pop up in Kent, 47% of voters said the UK would be better able to control the Calais border after a 'Brexit' in comparison with just 29% who disagree.

Its set to be an incredibly busy week for the PM with talks in Brussels with the European Parliament on Tuesday, and renegotiations set to begin in the Belgian Capital on Thursday. Cameron will then brief MPs on 22 February depending on how long it takes to finalise the renegotiations.

His EU deal did receive some welcome support on Sunday 14 February from five senior Labour figures who believe that the UK is "stronger, safer and better off" in the Eurozone. In an open letter published in the Sunday Mirror former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, Margaret Beckett, David Blunkett, Jack Straw and shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn have all thrown their weight behind the new terms.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has seen a two-point increase, according to the new data, the only leader to have increased his favourability rating. His party have are still looked on negatively by 50% of the population.