HBO's ambitious science fiction series Westworld captured fans' hearts and minds with its first season and fans are anxiously waiting for its second season which will premiere in 2018. While the wait seems too long for the fans, the network has tried to provide some cheer to its viewers with the first trailer for the show's second season which promises a gripping story with mass causalities of both the guests and the Delos employees.

The new teaser of the show was released during the San Diego Comic Con and offered a sneak peek into the violent world created to allow humans to torment the robots. The human-looking androids have bounced back due to a change in the narrative by Dr Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and are on a revenge spree.

The robots' rebellion started in the season one finale when Wyatt, the alter ego of a naive android Dolores (played by Evan Rachel Wood), killed Dr Ford. Soon, an army of reactivated androids joined her in a massacre of the employees and guests inside the park.

As per the first trailer for the upcoming season, it appears Wyatt, the greatest villain of the Westworld theme park, will continue the revolt along with the Man in Black – William. The duo were seen on a killing spree as they were hunting down visitors while riding.

While it seems there is no stopping the evil Dolores, the trailer does hint that Arnold aka Bernard Lowe, who also realised that he is a host and was created by Ford, will remain a good host. Despite the carnage caused by his own creation, Wyatt, it appears, will try to save the park and in order to win the battle, he will join hands with two of his major supporters from season one, Head of Security Ashley Stubbs and Elsie.

The cliffhanger finale of the first season of the show narrated the lives of the human-like androids inside the theme park created by Ford. The second season will begin in the aftermath of Dr Ford's murder at the hands of Wyatt.

While discussing her character's growth in the critically acclaimed show, Wood got emotional. "Dolores is such a gift to be given. It's so fulfilling because a lot of times, as women, you feel like your wings have been clipped, but this was like someone had given me f**king condor wings, and I got to take off and fly," she said during a SDCC panel discussion.