Everton fans
Everton fans were reportedly fired upon with rubber bullets and tear gas Gabriel Dewallens

Everton fans have reportedly been tear gassed and fired upon with rubber bullets ahead of their side's Europa League clash with Lille on Thursday (23 October).

Scuffles reportedly broke out in the main square in Lille city centre, resulting in police firing tear gas into crowds of Blues fans.

Riot police also appeared at the square and there were reports that at least one fan was shot by a policeman using rubber bullets.

Everton has since advised fans to avoid the area, and club delegates are investigating what caused police to use the seemingly heavy-handed approach.

Everton fans gathered outside Lille's Théâtre du Nord Google Maps

Reports last night claimed that up to 50 French football hooligans attacked two Everton fans with weapons including chairs.

Thousands of Toffees fans have made the trip to France to watch Roberto Martinez's men at the at Stade Pierre-Mauroy on Thursday night.

The club was issued with 5,274 tickets for the match but it is thought approximately 15,000 made the journey to north France.

On Wednesday, fans draped flags across buildings in the city square, but the mood was said to be good ahead of the match.

It is thought riot police acted after a flare was ignited by fans. The square has since partially emptied as Blues complained French police resorted to "1980s-style" techniques.