Launching their curved screen TV in Australia, LG Electronics asked actor Ewan McGregor to help, the day before he is due to shoot an advert for the Korean company.

McGregor has been in Australia since February making a film called 'Son of a Gun', a crime thriller written by its Australian director Julius Avery that sees McGregor playing a master criminal.

He said more and more films are only being seen on TV and it's important that people get the best out of them.

"I spend hours of my working day waiting for the light, waiting for the scene to be lit. It's a very important part of our industry, you know, how the film is going to look and usually, up until now anyway, when it's on the television it doesn't look like that. It's been a sort of waste of time but these televisions make it look like it should, like we shot it you know," McGregor told a packed product launch in Sydney on Wednesday (May 01).

LG say a curved screen increases the sense of immersion in the media. Their OLED TV, which stands for organic light emitting diode television, deflects 15 degrees forward at the sides.

McGregor spent months in Australia filming Moulin Rouge and Star Wars.

"I think 'Moulin Rouge' is a visual feast for the eyes. It's so rich and full of colour and life so to watch it on either of these would be amazing," he said.

The curved TV screen was first unveiled last month in the USA and will go sale this year, priced at A$13,500 ($14,000).

Presented by Adam Justice