Gone Home
Gone Home was Polygon's game of the year for 2013 The Fullbright Company

Gone Home was an enormous success for The Fullbright Company, a critically acclaimed piece of storytelling that was heralded as one of last year's best games.

In an interview with IBTimes UK, Fullbright Company co-founder Steve Gaynor talked about the future of the company and their next game.

"We're still in the talking about it phase. We have ideas, we think we have some pretty solid directions to head in, but we're not looking to actually start digging back into the editor and putting a videogame in a computer too soon.

"There's a bunch of stuff that we're still dealing with following the release of Gone Home that keeps us busy and also we don't want to just dive back into the next thing too soon. If you don't have some down time, and some distance, you run that risk of making something completely in terms of the last thing that you made.

"Later this year, we're actually going to start putting stuff on screen."

I also asked Gaynor about whether their Gone Home follow-up would use the core story-telling methods that made their first so successful.

"We want to take what we made with Gone Home and expand it, and explore from that experience as a starting point," he said.

"The other side of it though is that we don't want to do something that's just more of the same game any more than fans would want to play that. It's a balance.

"How can we take the next step from where we started but also not just go off into uncharted territory and still make something that we're really excited about and the players are excited about? That's what we'll be trying to figure out with our next game."

You can read our interview with Steve Gaynor in full here.