There have been many incidents where video game publishers abandon popular franchises for no particular reason. Valid examples include Valve's Half Life 2, which absolutely deserves a sequel. However, the company behind it hasn't spoken about the game in over a decade and it doesn't appear that they will do so any time soon.

Another franchise facing a similar problem happens to be Fallout, which hasn't seen a game since Fallout: New Vegas came out in 2010. Even that title wasn't a direct sequel to the loveable Fallout 3 and was instead a stand-alone product. Fans have been clamouring, begging and hallucinating for Fallout 4 for over a decade now, but Bethesda won't offer too many details on the next game in the series.

Despite rumours, Bethesda recently confirmed that they have no plans for a new Fallout game announcement at GamesCom. However, there is some relief for gamers who are desperate for something from the Fallout universe, according to GamingBolt.

Relief comes in the form of redesigns of Fallout 2′s toxic caves. Avid fan, Roman Gluschenko, has gone ahead and recreated them in 3D, allowing us to imagine what they will look like on modern PC hardware and next-gen consoles.

"A Fallout 2 tribute - Toxic caves. It's my personal dedication to my favorite game ever!", said Gluschenko, who has made these wonderful recreations for fans of the franchise. Apart from caves, vehicles and landscapes are included as well. Check them all out over here. If you've come across similar Fallout 4 content, let us know about it below.