Fallout 4 Nuka World Quantum Power Armor
Fallout 4's final DLC Nuka World includes a full set of Quantum X-01 Mk.V Power Armor. Bethesda

Fallout 4's Nuka World is the last slab of DLC for Bethesda's 2015 post-apocalyptic RPG, and while you could argue whether or not it is the best of the bunch, it is without doubt the hardest. The dilapidated Nuka World amusement park acts as the home of several warring raider factions and features possibly the steepest difficulty curve of any Bethesda-made add-ons to date.

Thankfully, the fun-fair-turned-lawless-battleground hides several Power Armor sets among its now violent attractions, and while a vanilla X-01 suit will do the job nicely, there are a few new paint jobs that will let you crush raider skulls in style.

The rarest of the bunch is the bright-blue Quantum paint scheme inspired by the bottles of the questionably consumable day-glo Nuka Cola Quantum bottles found dotted around the Commonwealth. Getting the paint job also means you'll be getting your hands on a complete Quantum X-01 Mark 5 set. Nice.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Where to find the Quantum X-01 Mark V set

The ostentatious Quantum X-01 set lies hidden away in Nuka World's Galactic Zone, inside Starport Nuka's Star Control building. Unfortunately, the armour is locked away inside an unbreakable glass enclosure and will only open once you've found all 35 of the collectable Star Cores in the nearby area (and a few scattered around the rest of Nuka World).

While only 20 are needed to reactivate the mainframe, you'll need all of them to nab the armour. Once you have all 35 (locations below), insert the Cores into the various computer slots inside Star Control. Next, approach the Star Control Mainframe and select "Protocol: Activate Display Case", followed by "Open Display Case" to lower the circular barrier.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Where to find the Star Cores in Starlight Interstellar Theater

The Galactic Zone is split into four distinct dungeon-like areas that show up as separate icons on your map. The first you'll find is the Starlight Interstellar Theater, which is home to four Star Cores. Here's where to find them:

  • From the entrance take the first left and head to the end of the corridor. Take a left at the end into the men's toilet block. Here you'll find a large hole in the back-left corner wall with the Core inside.
  • After you've done your business in the toilets, head across into the central cinema room filled with broken-down rockets. There's a Star Core fitted into the terminal inside the console area at the back of the room.
  • Go out the right-hand door (opposite the toilets), through the corridor ahead and into the kitchen. In the back room on the left you'll find the Star Core.
  • Head to the entrance of the theatre and into the nearby lift. When you exit you should find a control room overlooking the cinema. The Core is on the terminal.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Where to find the Star Cores in RobCo Battlezone

Remember all those rough robot encounters in the Automatron DLC? Well strap in, because it gets worse here. Fight your way through though and you'll grab six more Star Cores at these locations:

  • From the entrance, go left once you reach the seating area and head upstairs past the sign that reads "Employees Only". Follow the stairs up to find a pair of Star Cores installed in the red computers.
  • Head back down the stairs, out into the seating area and round to the left and into the door by the arena. Head inside the arena from here to find two more Cores. Enjoy the robots that attack.
  • Once the robots are down, head back and down the stairs into the basement. The dark red terminal across hides a Core.
  • The last one is hidden between the audience areas in the souvenir shop. The Core is propped on the shelf at the back.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Where to find the Star Cores in Nuka Galaxy

Seven Star Cores lie in wait in the run-down Nuka Galaxy complex. Here's where they are:

  • Follow the queue line from the entrance, up the stairs on the left, right and then down at the walkway until you see a room on your right where you'll find a single Core.
  • From here, go down the stairs and under the ride's track toward the door opposite. Head past the alien mannequin on the table and into the room full of asteroids. In the very back of this large area is another set of stairs, head down them and look out for a passage with Protectron stations - further down here is a console with a Core.
  • Head down the stairs from the last location and follow the corridor until you see a lift on the left. Take it up to the Planetscape Set area. Go through the left door here, down the stairs and toward the computer panel with a single Core installed.
  • Fight your way through the caved area ahead (have fun), past the aliens and into the next room. Hug the left wall until you reach some stairs - keep following multiple sets of stairs until you reach a separate area with another set of stairs. At the top lies a Core.
  • Adjacent to the last Core you'll see another set of stairs that follows the track around. Head across, then right, then up, you guessed it, another set of stairs. Keep following this path next to the track until you reach the start of the ride. A Core is on the terminal here.
  • Head left from the ride entrance and up into the nearby office where you can mercifully grab the final Star Core in this area.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Where to find the Star Cores in Vault-Tech Among the Stars

Six Cores, go!

  • From the start of the area, go through the star-filled portal area on the right. Follow it until you see an astronaut. Jump over the track and behind the nearby rock is side-room with a Core inside.
  • Return to the track and follow it again until you reach the vault entrance. Go down two sets of stairs on your right then immediately hang a left. A block of blue computers holds another Core.
  • Turn around and go through the door on the right of two washing machines and an ironing board. Head through and in the control room ahead you'll find a whopping three Star Cores.
  • Return to the room with the ironing board and go through the opening where a wall has fallen apart. Through blurred vision thanks to the radiation, you should just be able to make out a Core on the left in here.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Where to find the Star Cores in Galactic Zone's Park Grounds

With the dungeons out of the way, there are still a 12 Star Cores left. You'll find seven of them around Galactic Zone's park grounds at these locations:

  • In the Starport Nuka's Star Control building itself there's a Core next to a corpse.
  • Behind the Star Control building you'll find an area with yellow bins on the left. A Core lies in front.
  • There's a Star Core inside a broken glass case on the first floor of the Star Control building
  • A Star Core sits on a terminal to the left of the RobCo Battlezone building (at the bottom of the ramp to Starport Nuka).
  • Head up the many, many stairs to the Arcjet G-Force ride opposite the Nuka Galaxy entrance. The Core is at the top.
  • To the right of the Nuka Galaxy entrance there are several caravans. The one closest to the Nuka Galaxy entrance hides a Star Core.
  • The last Star Core can only be found once you've restored power to Nuka World by completing the main story quest. Once you're finished, head up to the very top of the Starport Nuka Star Control building inside the newly-functioning lift to find a Core in the terminal at the top.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Where to find the Star Cores around the rest of Nuka World

Five Star Cores left, and of course they are the hardest to find. Thanks Bethesda. You'll be scouring the entirety of the Nuka World map for the elusive final quintet:

  • In the employee area of Nuka Cade – right from the entrance and on top of a Weapons Workbench.
  • On a corpse leaning against a lamp post opposite from Doc Phosphate's in Dry Rock Gulch.
  • In the loft area of a barn in the Nuka World Junkyard, next to a locked safe.
  • Inside the Nuka Cola Bottling Plant's Quantum production room. On the floor to the right of the glowing vat of Cola.
  • And finally, on a table in Nuka Town Market's northern stalls.

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