A lot of the discussion around Fallout 4 this past week has centred on its many bugs and glitches, and whether or not they really matter when measured against the ambition and undoubted qualities of Bethesda's RPG.

Some glitches can ruin saves and hinder progress, but others are fun, like this one which caused a player to lose their head in a Deathclaw attack but carry on as normal – engaging in conversation with just a bloody stump instead of a face.

The PC player uploaded the evidence to YouTube (below) including the moment the Deathclaw in question sprung a surprise attack and claimed the player's bonce for himself. The player also includes footage of himself engaging in conversation with other NPCs, including a barber who didn't cut his hair for obvious reasons but took his money anyway.

When the attack first occurred, the player was informed of the head trauma which was making him slow to move and he attempted to remedy it with a Stimpack (a health pack). Nothing happened, so the player investigated and moved to the third person-perspective, which revealed his predicament.

In the video's description the user – postbroadcast – says: "After getting the footage you see above, I saved and then re-loaded to see if it was persistent, but alas came back with a head. I was really hoping to be able to share my headless save file!"

Fallout 4 was released last week for PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can read our review here.

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