"Fallout 4" fans will soon have the chance to experience what the post-apocalyptic game has to offer if the game's setting happens to be across the Atlantic. The upcoming "Fallout London," one of the game's highly anticipated mods set for release next year, will offer players a change of scenery by focusing on what happened to survivors in the UK's capital.

Revealed during the E3 2021, "Fallout London" is not actually made by Bethesda but by fans from Team Folon, according to GameRant. While the devs modestly called it a "DLC-sized mod," the upcoming Fallout 4 mod is roughly the same size as the base game that it deserves to be called a game in its own right.

The "Fallout London" devs have already released a gameplay trailer and images via its Twitter account. Meanwhile, here are all the available "Fallout London" assets that are known so far.


The Luger is a weapon one would normally associate with the German military as it seems to be the weapon of choice among German spies and officers in movies. However, the weapon is one of the options players can use to protect themselves, as there will most likely be some Luger lying around. The Fallout London mod offers the P08, Navy, Artillery, and Carbine options to players, according to DOT Esports.

M72 Gauss Rifle

Those who prefer a more futuristic weapon might be lucky enough to find the M72 Gauss Rifle. The weapon acts as some sort of a laser rifle for Fallout London by shooting out bullets that appear light blue. While the gun actually uses electromagnetic energy to propel the projectiles and is not technically a laser weapon, it still acts and looks like one.

EM 2 Rifle No.9 Mk1

For those who do not mind exerting more effort in exchange for a powerful weapon, the EM 2 Rifle No.9 Mk1 might fit the bill. To get one, however, players need to be at least level 20 and accomplish a quest to get the weapon.

Dardick Tround

The Dardick Tround may lack cosmetic appeal, but it's a handy and effective weapon. The option for modification is certainly interesting, as players can even turn it into a rifle if they want to.

Webley 1913

For a more authentic London in-game experience, players also have the option of using a Webley 1913, which is available in the Fallout London mod. The actual gun was designed in the UK in 1910 and entered into production from 1910 until 1932. Unfortunately, there were many models of the weapon, this is the only model available in the mod.

Junkie Knight

While the raiders in the original Fallout game normally wear football-type armour, the devs opted to model the armour available in the game after the knight armour instead. This armour comes in light, medium, and heavy variants, while the helmet is one-size-fits-all.

Cable Street Woes

Some describe the aesthetics of the Cable Street Woes as something that would suit Black Widow, so it'll likely appeal to players who want a hint of sci-fi in their fashion. While it can be used by either men or women, there's only one version of the armour, so it will still look the same regardless of the gender of the character wearing it.

Royal Guard, Guard Box, and Pilot uniform

With its tall bearskin hat and red uniform, the Royal Guard armour really looks like their Buckingham Palace counterparts. The Royal Guard box completes the effect, especially if a player makes his followers wear the uniform as well. Meanwhile, the Tenpenny Airlines pilot uniform is designed to match with an airplane mod introduced by modders.

Fallout 4's Creation Kit, which can be downloaded for free, is and that allows players to create mods for the game and share them on Bethesda.net with other players. Some players have even recreated Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas using the feature while taking advantage of the improvement in Fallout 4's engine and graphics.

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Fallout 4 Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr CC BY 2.0