Avid Fallout fans can now complete their full collection of legendary power armour suits, as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the secret location guide to acquire Visionary's Helm legendary armour suit in Fallout 4. The only catch is that you need to be allied with the Brotherood of Steel and attain the rank of Paladin or at least a Sentinel in order to unlock access to the Visionary's Helm suit.

Fallout 4: Visionary\'s Helm
Visionary’s Helm legendary power armour location guide MrBossFTW via YouTube

Ross confirms that the suit can be unlocked 100% if you are playing as the Sentinel in Fallout 4. Here is how you unlock this powerful armour suit:

  • Just go and talk to Captain Kells who will give you a couple of missions to accomplish. First of those missions is called 'Duty or Dishonour', wherein you need to follow a Brotherhood Knight initiate who is accused of stealing food and other supplies for the Ghouls and hiding them in the underground bunkers.
  • Basically, just follow the target to his underground bunker and confront him. Once you persuade him to accept the mistake, he will reveal the truth in front of you.
  • You can then return to Captain Kells and report the entire incident to him. Then you need to assure him that the issue has been taken care of and the culprit has been persuaded to stop stealing the supplies.
  • Once you are done talking with Kells, he will offer you another mission, wherein you are assigned the task of exterminating the scientist named Virgil who has helped you in various missions at the glowing sea.
  • You can choose to either kill the scientist or let him hide in a remote underground location. If you choose to leave the scientist alive then you can return to Kells and deceive him into believing that you have already killed him.
  • As a reward for your remarkable work, Kells will offer you the Visionary's Helm for free as your new power amour.

Tip 1: The suit has a special perk which increases action point refresh speed during combat.

Tip 2: The unique power armour brings damage resistance of 262, energy damage resistance of 202 and radiation protection of 150 points. The custom mods installed on this power armour include BOS Sentinel Paint, VATS Matrix Overlay, Headlamp and Standard Helmet Lining.

Tip 3: If you opt to purchase this armour instead of doing the mission, it will cost you 666 bottlecaps.