Fallout 4
Fallout 4 rare weapons: Legendary Eddie’s Peace Pistol aka Scoped Revolver location guide Bethesda

Fallout 4 fans are in for some exciting news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) walks us through a simple location guide to unearth the rarest and most powerful scoped revolver in the game, the legendary Eddie's Peace Pistol. The key to unlock this weapon is to build an extremely good relationship with your in-game companion, Nick Valentine.

Once you have reached buddy status with Nick, he will ask you if you would like to do some sort of a mission with him. If you agree to do the mission, you will be doing some detective work with Nick in the mission called "Long Time Coming".

The mission objective requires you to find 10 holotapes of Eddie Winter. If you are lucky enough, Nick would have already found two of those for you.

You will be sent to various police stations in Boston in your mission to unearth the hidden holotapes belonging to Eddie Winter. Once you have reached the police station, just open or activate the evidence terminal and look for Winter's holotape log files.

The locations to find each of these holotapes will be marked on your in-game mini-map and you just have to follow the map instructions to get there. You can also find some useful loot at each of these locations such as .308 rounds, shotgun rounds, hardened sniper rifle and power relay coil.

Once you have found all the 10 holotapes, you will be directed to the Eddie's bunker where you need to enter the correct keycodes to open the security door. You need to be fully prepared to face the automated security defense systems at this door.

After you successfully unlock the door, Nick will confront Eddie face-to-face and you will see an interesting conversation about how the latter killed the former's fiancée.

However, after some time the conversation goes awry and Nick begins shooting at Eddie. You can now take out Eddie and pick up his legendary scoped revolver with 60% aim damage.

Tip #1: You can further upgrade this weapon at your workbench with Advanced Receiver and Bull Barrel mods. This will increase the aim damage rate to 100% as well as improve its range and fire-rate.

Tip #2: Whenever you aim at the limbs of your enemy, you will be able to do 50% more damage and a net 150% damage with Eddie's Peace Pistol. It is confirmed to be the most powerful close-range weapon available in the game.