Fallout 4
Fallout 4: How to generate unlimited money or unlimited bottlecaps in a legit way Bethesda

Fallout 4 fans are in for some good news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW has revealed a legit way of generating unlimited money or unlimited bottlecaps in the game. The catch here is to build as many industrial water purifiers as possible with the available resources and complement them with a medium-sized power generator to produce unlimited supply of purified water, which can be sold for a huge sum of money or bottlecaps in the game.

Unlike the inventory glitch method, this one will come in handy when you are low on bottlecaps and need a lot of in-game currency to fund your settlement building projects. You can use this method everyday in the game to get around 3000+ caps. In other words, you stand a chance to earn more than 150 bottlecaps in just 30 minutes of gameplay in Fallout 4.

Here is how you do it:

  • Just ensure that you have stocked up heavily on some basic building resources such as oil, ceramic, rubber, copper, steel, cloth and screws, before you venture into the industrial water purifier project.
  • You will need a settlement such as the sanctuary with a consistent stream of water running through the channels in order to build these purifiers. Each purifier is capable of generating 40 units of water per day.
  • These purifiers need some constant energy-source to keep them running and hence you will need to accompany each purifier with a medium-sized generator. To build a generator, you need to stock up with screws, gear, steel, rubber, copper and ceramic.
  • Once you have the necessary resources, just build as many purifiers and generators as possible, until you run out of resources.
  • Now just spend some 30 minutes of in-game playtime with some storyline missions or side quests, before you can actually collect purified water and sell them off to local merchants in the game.
  • You should note that fast travelling or waiting will not spawn purified water as Fallout 4 demands you to be engaged in some gameplay activities for the game to progress.
  • Ideally, once you have spent around 30 to 45 minutes of gameplay time, you will notice that a large amount of purified water (about 154 units) has arrived in the workbench at your settlement. Each unit is worth 20 bottlecaps in the game and hence you could earn more than 300 bottlecaps for every 30 minutes of gameplay time spent in Fallout 4.
  • You should now head over to the Diamond City Market which is filled with lots of merchants who can purchase or barter purified water in exchange for bottlecaps.

Tip 1:The water purifiers are a constant source for generating unlimited supply of pure water and you could repeat this procedure for making tons of money or bottlecaps in Fallout 4. Just check the workbench every two to three hours to collect and sell fresh units of purified water from the sanctuary.

Tip 2: In case you are not interested in selling purified water, then you can use it as substitute for stimpacks or med-gels or blood bags. It can also be used to make vegetable paste which allows you to make around five adhesives or bandages. So, generating purified water not only gives you access to unlimited bottlecaps, but also doubles up as an endless source for healing needs.