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Fallout 4 rare weapons: Legendary Gauss Rifle aka The Last Minute secret location guide Bethesda

In his latest gameplay video, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW walks us through the secret location guide for unlocking or accessing the ultimate weapon in Fallout 4, the Legendary Gauss Rifle aka The Last Minute. You need to complete all of the main minuteman quests in order to unlock this legendary weapon and purchase it for around 4,000 bottlecaps.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4: The Last Minute aka legendary Gauss Rifle YouTube

Some of the key quests that you need to complete for unlocking this weapon include: When Freedom Calls and Sanctuary. Once you are done with these missions, you are required to unlock the location called 'The Castle' by completing a straightforward mission, wherein you are required to defend The Castle from multiple waves of enemies successfully.

Once you have completed the mission, The Castle will be available to build settlements and make purchases like any other settlement in the game. You will need to talk to a lady named Ronnie Shaw who is always stationed at the entrance to the castle.

You can actually purchase The Last Minute or the rare legendary Gauss Rifle from her in exchange for 4096 bottlecaps. This weapon is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon in Fallout 4 with enormous damage capability of 268, which is further boosted by its special ability of causing 50% more limb damage.

The other key attributes of The Last Minute rifle include: accuracy of 112, range of 203 and fire rate of 66. It also features tons of custom mods pre-installed such as Shielded Barrel, Standard Stock, Capacitor Boosting Coil, Long Night Vision Scope and Compensator.

The Night Vision Scope could come in handy in fading light conditions or in poorly lit areas as you can pick off your enemies silently. The bonus limb damage compensator (with up to 50% more damage) will enable you to take out Super Mutants and Ghouls with ease.

The best part of this weapon is it allows you to shoot through wooden barricades and damage the targets even at medium to long range.

Tip 1: In case you want to double the damage, you can hold down the trigger button to charge the shells before letting it go and this will cause more damage as you can take out stronger enemies with just a single shot.

Tip 2: You will need extremely high science skills and charisma in order to unlock all the upgrades on this gun. But, it will be worth the effort as you will get to use the deadliest weapon in Fallout 4.