Brian is no longer the Griffin family's dog, and it's sad. This Sunday's [12 November] episode of the Family Guy season 16 ended with the dog living in a run-down apartment eating macaroni and cheese, all alone.

In the episode, Brian sends out an insensitive tweet, which immediately goes viral, causing an angry mob to attack him and the Griffin family. Louis and Peter become outcasts, with the entire town shunning them for Brian's actions.

After all this, the Griffins kick Brian out of the house. With nowhere to go, Brian is living in a small apartment in one of Quahog's sketchier neighbourhoods, where he ends the episode sad and lonely.

Fans of the hit Fox series are not happy with the tragic ending and took to Twitter to share their views. One user tweeted, "That ending was depressing tbh #FamilyGuy," another noted, "that was very depressing guys. :( Choose your words more carefully Brian. #FamilyGuy."

"I didn't expect that ending from a Family Guy episode," a disappointed fan wrote, another called him, "Poor Brian."

Most fans seemed shocked at the ending. "That ending though? I didn't realise it was over till I saw credits," said one, another wished it had a different ending. "All Brian said was a joke and it's not a big deal. I just wish that episode didn't end that way," tweeted a fan.

This marks the second time Brian has moved out of the house: the first time was in season 3 when Brian left Quahog to pursue his Hollywood dreams.

TVLine has confirmed that this was the first of a three-episode arc for Brian, which will continue through the next episode airing on 17 November.

Titled, Petey IV, the episode will feature Kristen Bell. According to the synopsis, "Brian gets a job at a suicide hotline centre and attempts romance with a co-worker [voiced by Bell]."