GTA Vice City
A shot from the remastered intro Rockstar Games

A group of Grand Theft Auto fans have taken it upon themselves to give the opening of 2002 classic Vice City a modern makeover, using the original assets and animations Rockstar Games used in the smash hit follow-up to the seminal GTA 3.

Leaning completely into the neon-soaked 1980s setting of Rockstar's period open world crime epic, both the game's opening credits and first handful of scenes have been recreated. The man responsible for the remastered look is Balázs Kalocsai.

The remastered sequence (on YouTube channel Majami Hiroz: Welcome to the '80s) beings with a stylish credits sequence before showing head of the Forelli Family criminal empire Sonny Forelli discussing a plan to let former member Tommy Vercetti loose on Vice City, overseen by crooked lawyer Ken Rosenberg.

We then jump to Rosenberg and Vercetti overseeing a cocaine deal that quickly goes south, kicking off the game that will chart Tommy's rise to power in the criminal underworld of Rockstar's stand-in for Miami.

Grand Theft Auto 3 revolutionised open games in 3D spaces, changing the gaming landscape for good, but what Vice added was style in spades and personality, born out of that style but also the excellent cast of characters and voice actors who brought the game to life.

Vice City turned 14 years old on the 27 October.

The game has appeared on numerous other devices including PC, Xbox and mobile devices. It was recently re-released on PS4 through the PS2 Classics range.

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