The Arrowverse's Crisis On Earth crossover kicked off with Supergirl and Arrow's episode on Monday (27 November) with Nazi doppelgangers from Earth 53 disrupting Barry and Iris' wedding. However, fans couldn't help but wonder about that shocking Arrow and Supergirl romantic twist.

Arrow star Stephen Amell, who plays good Oliver Queen and Nazi Oliver, shared a photo of his evil half kissing Earth-X's Supergirl aka Overgirl. Amell tweeted the photo from the episode and wrote, "#CrisisOnEarthX has gone full f**king crazy." Later in the episode, it was revealed that Kara was Dark Arrow's wife.

Fans agreed with the Arrow actor, and many of his Twitter followers rushed to the replies section to share their views. One user wrote, "Boy, you literally have no chemistry with her wow". Another fan commented saying, "It's like negative chemistry."

"Thanks for acknowledging that Kara and Oliver being together is f**king crazy!!!" a social media user commented on Amell's post. "I love you Stephen and I love Melissa and I'm so glad you guys were able to work together. But that kiss...yikes." said another user.

Most fans commented with "ewww" and gross gifs on the post. "Does this thing have a dislike button?!?!? said one, another urged Amell to delete the photo. "This made me sick. Delete this," the tweet reads.

"That was the most awkward kiss ever," noted a follower of Amell. However, a user found the kiss between the Nazi leaders offensive and wrote, "They're nazis Stephen, not something to romanticize."

However, a user came to Amell's defence and wrote, "It's an alternate universe based on superhero themes against a historically bad nemesis. They're not romanticizing anything. It's the classic good vs evil battle, with the Nazis being the evil team that they are. They get that."

By the end of Arrow episode, it was revealed that the evil Oliver attacked Central City to save his wife Kara, who is dying of radiation poisoning. His plan is to heal his wife's dying body with Supergirl's heart. The episode ended with Barry, Oliver, Sara and others imprisoned on Earth-X.

Below are some of the hilarious Twitter reactions to Amell's post: