Victoria Beckham
British fashion designer Victoria Beckham VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has shared the latest shots from her eyewear campaign on social media – but fans aren't pleased.

After the wife of David Beckham shared the snaps on Instagram, fans were quick to slam the former Spice Girls singer for featuring ultra-slim models to advertise her product.

The pictures show Lithuanian model Giedre Dukauskaite rocking one of the sunglasses from the eyewear collection. In one of the pictures, dressed in an over-sized jacket, Dukauskaite is seen posing sideways to reveal the design of the eyewear, while in the other image she is seen looking straight at the camera.

"Instant sunshine! The Classic Navigator brightens any outlook with a range of new season hued lenses. Available online and 36 Dover Street, London. #VBEyewear," the 43-year-old designer wrote alongside the photos she shared with her fans on the photo-and-video-sharing application.

"What if she eating? A slice of lettuce a day?" a fan asked, while another confessed her love for Victoria but asked her to "stop using super gaunt models."

Another said, "The model looks ill." Someone else added, "I'm beginning to cringe when I see your fashion posts."

It comes just days after Victoria was slammed for sharing photos of the same model promoting her eyewear on Instagram. She had shared two snaps of the model rocking her eyewear.

The pictures of the model wearing the eyewear did not go down well with fans, as someone had said, "This is absolutely disgusting that a woman of this size is allowed to be a model. This is a terrible role model for young girls. She needs to get herself to hospital on a drip. Shouldn't be allowed."

Another admirer had said, "I wish fashion brands would empower models who don't look as if they were about to collapse under the weight of those frames... #notcoolatall."