Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4 sees the action move from the tropics to the Himalayas. Ubisoft

Thanks to a solid reveal of Far Cry 4 at E3 2014, there's been a lot of buzz about the game so far. Now, the game's director has revealed details about the upcoming first-person shooter, saying that Far Cry 4 development started soon after Far Cry 3.

Speaking to Red Bull, Hutchinson said, "Work started almost immediately after Far Cry 3, and I joined a while after that. The idea is always to build on the best and most successful elements from the previous game and integrate new features and ideas to make sure it's fresh and that the game takes a significant step forward."

"For me, the most important things are enabling more player agency, building better tools and adding co-op so people can create more interesting player stories, and trying to make a seamless experience."

And when asked about what the developers kept from Far Cry 3, Hutchinson said, "We wanted to keep the amazing player agency: the 360 degree approach to problems, the ability to play the game in your own style, the animals and the sense of the exotic.

"In terms of additions, the biggest for me were the ability to invite your best friend into the game to play co-op in the open world, and the idea of expanding the narrative to allow players to make choices: which faction do you align with, what sub-objectives do you get because of that? We want people discussing their different experiences the next day."