Fear The Walking Dead episode 3 disappointed fans when they saw the lead protagonist of the show trying to talk to infected neighbours. Critics, who expected lots of gore when the show's characters came face-to-face with the walkers, had panned it.

The promo of episode 4 Not Fade Away, reveals how humanity is diminishing, with the military killing every soul they doubt is infected. Madison gets out of her home only to find hundreds of dead bodies scattered on the road. When she sees the army approaching, she hides under a van and takes refuge with a dead zombie.

Susan, Madison's neighbour, who is now a full-fledged walker, is currently giving a tough emotional battle to the teacher couple as they are still unable to decide how to deal with the unexpected situation. In the previous episode, Travis tries to negotiate with a dog-eating zombie by talking to him. He also greets Susan with a 'good morning', all the time expecting a cure would come to turn every infected soul into a normal human being.

But it appears as if his fiancee, Maddie, has started accepting the apocalypse and is ready to kill some blood-thirsty undeads to make way for her family's survival. Showrunner Dave Erickson teases that the loving couple will have their fair share of differences as the show moves forward.

"The apocalypse will draw out Madison and Travis' differences more and more. Travis is a fixer — he believes anything and everything can be repaired; there's always a corner to turn. There's always a fix. Madison, like Daniel, is far more skeptical, far less trusting. This will continue to be an issue for them. Madison and Travis love each other deeply, but their relationship will fracture," he told Hollywood Reporter.

With only three episodes left in the first season, chances are high that fans will see more action between the lead characters and the undead walkers. AMC is also planning one online episode that will feature a plane crash that will introduce new characters. Fear The Walking Dead episode 4 will air on 20 September on AMC.