Fear the Walking Dead
Robert Kirkman's latest zombie series will return on AMC after a short break AMC

In the previous episode of Fear The Walking Dead, Madison and Travis separate in order to keep their respective families safe. The mysterious flu turns violent and they see the world crumbling before their very eyes.

The only solution they can think of is to run towards the desert to stay safe from the undeads and the riots that are spreading like wildfire within Los Angeles. But will the teacher couple be able to do that? Can they stay unaffected by the viral flu and still manage to flee the cursed city? Episode 3, The Dog, will answer some of these burning questions when it returns on AMC prime time after a break of two weeks.

Here is the synopsis of episode 3: Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with the Salazar family after escaping a violent riot. Meanwhile, Madison defends her home.

In the previous episode, Travis and his divorced wife trace their son Chris, who is part of a group agitating against the government. In order to save his family from a violent mob attack, Travis takes refuge with a Spanish family.

Meanwhile, Madison is struggling to tell her daughter Alicia the truth about the zombies. The young girl is unable to see the harsh truth that is right before her eyes.

"It's still more of a slow burn, because it has to be different from the original," Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia told Elle. "But it gets there. My character still doesn't quite know what's going on. She's definitely been sheltered from everything. But you'll start to see more of the infected."

Nick, Madison's drug-addicted son, on the other hand, may help his mother break the apocalypse news to his sister Alicia, as they plan to flee the doomed city. It will be interesting to see how the series characters move ahead and survive the deadly flu and yet stay unaffected from it. It is highly possible that the characters of the AMC original series will soon start killing the undeads in a bid to stay alive.

The third episode will be aired on Sunday 13 September at 9pm EST on AMC. Watch the episode live stream online on your PC by clicking here or on your Android and iOS devices using the AMC app.