The penultimate episode of Fear The Walking Dead is expected to explain the most trivial attitude of the army personnel, who have has taken away Nick and Griselda for "treatment" at the hospital. However, Daniel warned Travis of the deadly intentions of the National Guards.

Liza, Travis's ex-wife accompanies them and goes to the hospital. In the promo she finds bite marks on one of the bodies. The sneak peek also reveals more zombies as the epidemic is devouring mankind.

In the previous episode, Madison learns that instead of helping the distressed people in the Safe Zone, the army was involved in the massacre of unharmed humans along with those who were infected with the virus.

Travis, on the other hand, sees flash lights but soon hears gun shots followed by darkness. The powerful scene was enough to make the teacher realise that contrary to his expectation, the army was equally dangerous as the virus it self. This also makes episode 5 more interesting as every character will have a motive to react and save themselves.

The synopsis of episode 5 titled Cobalt reads: "The National Guard's plan for the neighborhood and its residents is revealed, forcing Travis and Madison to make a difficult decision."

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Now, the teachers would have to plan and reunite with Nick whose life is in danger after the guards forcibly took him away to "hospital".

"Everything is going to come to a head because five is our penultimate episode and then we hit the finale and the season is done. It will be a clash," writer-producer Dave Erickson told The Hollywood Reporter while previewing the penultimate episode.

After episode 2, fans of FTWD have not seen Tobias and many had assumed he too might be dead. But the show's creator is weighing in on the character and confirmed that he is not dead. "Tobias is not dead, as far was we know," Erickson told Yahoo TV.

Fear The Walking Dead episode 5 will air on 27 September at 9pm/8pm CT on AMC.