Fear the Walking Dead
Travis may finally learn about the harsh truth behind the zombies in episode 4 AMC

As the zombie apocalypse is looming over Los Angeles, Fear The Walking Dead is expected to bring some eye-popping scenes in episode 4 titled Not Fade Away. The lead characters of the AMC original series are relying heavily on military forces to arrive and end their misery.

With only four episodes left for season 1 to end (including one special online episode), fans are expecting some major action from Travis Manawa, who is reluctant to accept the bitter truth behind the zombies attacking and infecting humans. In the previous episode, the high school teacher almost killed himself after he tried to communicate with his "sick" neighbours.

But, thanks to Daniel Salazar, whose prompt action saved Madison's fiancee. However, this did not stop Travis from believing that the army would step in and treat and reverse the infection.

The promo released by AMC hints that the bitter apocalypse truth will unravel before Maddie who steps out of her house. But, to her amusement, she discovers that the government is killing almost everyone they think is infected.

Upon seeing the army tank approaching, she hides under a deserted vehicle. The official synopsis of episode 4 titled, Not Fade Away, reads: Madison and Travis witness different sides of the National Guard's occupation of their neighbourhood.

The upcoming episode may shatter Travis's trust over the armed forces and there are chances he will shoot a zombie or two in order to stay alive and move towards a sanctuary. Fear The Walking Dead episode 4 will air on 20 September on AMC.

Watch the episode live stream online by clicking here. You can also watch it on your Android and iOS devices using the AMC app.