Fear the Walking Dead teaser
AMC's ambitious Walking Dead spinoff will premiere this summer Twitter

Fear The Walking Dead will debut on the AMC network in summer this year and after its first teaser, fans were hoping to get answers to the zombie apocalypse that had almost wiped out humanity leaving only a handful to survive on their own in The Walking Dead series.

But show creator Robert Kirkman has made it clear that the upcoming show is not about digging into the history of the zombie virus and insisted that it will take viewers into a world where the walkers are the most dangerous threat for the survivors.

"Learning the origins is not the priority in Walking Dead; that's not the priority in Fear The Walking Dead," Kirkman told at the NAB Show in Las Vegas via Mashable. "Every other story deals with that stuff and we're concerned about the heart."

However, the graphic novel writer refused to divulge any detail about the show and said "I know the story, but I've never bothered to write it down. Let's hope I don't die."

The teaser of the AMC original series debuted during TWD's season 5 finale episode, where a voice-over speaks about a mysterious flu spreading in various parts of the US but the show creator refused to tag the series as a prequel to TWD.

Show director Greg Nicotero earlier told IBTimes UK that the spin-off series would be totally different from the original series.

"The show set in Los Angeles [and] at a completely different time as walkers are beginning to take over the world."

While The Walking Dead narrates the story of a group of survivors and their ruthless struggle to live and survive, the spinoff will focus on family, friends, love and above all 'the survival of the heart'.

Here is the synopsis of the pilot episode: (Via Spoiler TV)

"The spinoff takes place during the same zombie apocalypse depicted on The Walking Dead but in a different location. It revolves around Sean Cabrera (Curtis), a divorced teacher and Nancy Tompkins (Dickens), a female guidance councilor. Dillane plays the Nancy's son Nick, who has battled a drug problem. Debnam Carey plays the Nancy's ambitious daughter Ashley."

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in summer this year.