Fear the Walking Dead season 2
The question as to whether the survivors will trust Strand also remains to be seen AMC

Fear The Walking Dead producer Dave Erickson has revealed that the first half of season 2 will end on a cliffhanger. However, he added that it remains to be seen whether the cliffhanger would have anything to do with whether or not Jack, who Alicia makes contact with over the radio, and his group are friend or foe. The producer noted that the new season will focus on Alicia, Nick and Chris.

Erickson told Hollywood Reporter: "The short answer is... yes. I look at it as three chapters: We had the six-episode season one and we're broken in two — seven episodes for the first half and eight for the back half — of season two. You want something monumental that will beg people to come back."

"You also need something that feels organic and driven. The ideal cliffhanger, the ideal churn for any show — and this can be a novel or a TV show or a movie — but you want it to feel inevitable," he said. "You want that moment of shock and surprise but when you catch your breath, you want to feel that yes, there's no other way that could have gone down. That's always the goal," he added.

"So yes, in that regard, when we get to the writers' room and start building out a season, it's always with an eye toward something that is going to close out that chapter and make the first seven episodes feel satisfying but also something that in so doing it also lays the seeds for what's going to come in the back half."

Talking about Alicia, Nick and Chris' character, Erickson said: "They're all going to come of age over the course of this season in very different ways and they'll all relate to the apocalypse in different ways. They'll all change and go on their specific tracks."

The question as to whether the survivors will trust Victor Strand remains to be seen. "Who who can we trust? If we can't trust Strand, who is the captain of the boat, what do we do?" Erickson asked.

The season 2 premiere episode saw survivors take refuge on Strand's (Colman Domingo) yacht named The Abigail. The survivors, however, are skeptical about Strand as they do not know as to where he is taking them. Having just managed to flee from the zombies on land, the survivors came to know that the creatures can float.

Fear The Walking Dead season 2 episode 2 airs on 17 April at 9pm EDT on AMC Network in the US.

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