Fear The Walking Dead
Characters to take asylum in a cruise ship in order to escape zombies in Fear The Walking Dead season 2 AMC

The first teaser of Fear the Walking Dead season 2 is out and it looks amazing. The filming for the Walking Dead companion series is going on in the Baja peninsula in Mexico at Baja Studios. The teaser is just a 15-second clip but it does offer a lot of information about how exciting season 2 will be.

Warning: Major spoiler ahead

The teaser is packed with zombies, gun battles, lead characters covered in blood, some intense emotional moments from Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) and last but not the least a crashing plane. Yes, the teaser finally hints about the fate of Flight 462, which is still lurking in the sky with one infected person who possibly turned into a zombie in the last episode of the short online series.

Here is a breakdown of the 15-second clip:

Fear the Walking Dead season 2
A herd of zombies from the newly-released teaser of Fear the Walking Dead season 2 AMC

More dead walkers introduced: Innumerable fans had complained about the lack of zombies during FTWD season 1. But that was just an onset of the apocalypse. Hence, it was natural to see less of the walkers roaming free on the road. However, there will be no more complains! The season 2 trailer begins with a herd of zombies probably trying to attack humans (here our favorite character).

What happens to Ofelia Salazar: The second frame of the teaser shows a mysterious person shooting a familiar face of the series. Though very short, it appears like Daniel Salazar's daughter Ofelia has turned into a walker and was shot by a young man, who appears like a new character.

Even more surprising is to see Travis, the good man with faith in humanity, taking things into his own hands. In the short clip he was seen battering someone, it is unclear whether he was beating a zombie or a human.

Flight 462 fate teased: There were a lot of speculations surrounding how the characters of the 16-episode web series Flight 462 will meet the Manawas and the Clarkes who have taken asylum inside mysterious businessman Strand's gated house.

The final clip of FTWD season 2 teaser showed the shadow of a passenger plane, hinting that it is flying insanely close to the sea and it gives a feeling that it can crash any moment.

The scene makes sense as we all know that there is an infected man on the fateful flight, where a boy and his co-passenger (whose names have not been revealed) have all the camera attentions. After seeing a sick man with suspicious bite marks on his stomach, the co-passenger warns the crew and people to keep him caged inside the flight's rest room. But her warning was ignored and we don't know what happens next.

But as per the teaser, it appears the infection will take a toll on the flight crew and passengers and probably the two unnamed characters will be saved from the sea by Travis, Strand and others.

The highly anticipated second season of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on 11 April on AMC.