Fear the Walking Dead season 2
Alicia Clarke looks ready to fight and kill some zombies in episode 3 Ouroboros AMC

Fear The Walking Dead season 2 once again proves that morality has no value in a post-apocalyptic world. Episode 5 Captive was pretty tough for almost everyone in the show. Travis Manawa and Alicia Clark were captured by Connor and his men while Madison was trying to figure out a deal with Strand to save her fiancé and daughter.

The episode also revealed that Alex survived after her rescue boat's towing rope was cut off by Strand, but her injured companion Jake couldn't make it to Conner's "safe zone".

The episode's main focus was Alicia, who struggled to fool Jack in order to rescue Travis and reach Abigail safely. She also had a tough time dealing with Conner and the pregnant woman but ultimately decides to refuse to stay back with Jack. At the end of the episode, she chooses family and jumps off the ship to reunite with them.

Show creator Dave Erickson thinks Alicia's decision to dump Jack for her family was the right decision to take in the post-apocalyptic world. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said: "It isn't that she doesn't think Jack is a decent person, but in that particular moment the complications are too great. She's looking down and watching her mother and watching Travis fight with Connor and his men and she sees a way to get out. She's beginning to realize, if she hasn't already, that it's better to travel light when you can, so she cuts the cord. It's kind of bittersweet because I do think Jack actually cared for her."

Alex, on the other hand, is livid at the Abigail's passengers and especially at Travis as she thought the high school teacher had committed a greater sin than the ruthless Strand by supporting the decision of keeping them out of the yacht. But now that the family is again going back to the yacht, it will be interesting to see how Alex's story will be justified by the show runner.

"The second most enigmatic character, I think, on the show after Strand, is Alex, and she definitely isn't going to stick around. She's basically done the work she wanted to do. I don't imagine her continuing to stay, and she says she's not going to work for Connor. She accomplished what she wanted. I expect that she's bound to venture back off into the apocalypse, so you don't see her end. There's always that possibility."

Fear The Walking Dead season 2 will return with episode 6 Sicut Cervus on 15 May on AMC. The show airs on Mondays at 9pm on AMC on BT.