Update: Anonymous Posts Credit Card Details of KKK Grand Wizard who Threatened 'Lethal Force' in Ferguson

A mole within the St Louis County Police Department is feeding information to Anonymous hacktivists trying to prove a link between Darren Wilson and the Ku Klux Klan.

While the world is focused on the fallout from the grand jury decision announced on Monday not to indict Darren Wilson, online activist group Anonymous is continuing its goal of producing conclusive evidence that there is a major link between the Ferguson police department, where Wilson worked and a local brand of the KKK.

Last week Anonymous announced that it had evidence which proved the link but could not publish it as it would endanger the life of the source that provided the information.

The campaign, dubbed Operation KKK, was sparked after the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (TAKKKK) distributed leaflets warning that it would take "lethal force" against any protestors following the grand jury decision.

The Anonymous group behind OpKKK is the ultra-secretive off-shoot called NOWsec, which was formed after the shooting of Oscar Grant by a BART police officer in Oakland, California in 2009.


Speaking to the Anti-Media website, a member of NOWsec called Kafir reveals that it has been able to identify a number of the members of the TAKKKK and publish personal information about them, thanks to a mole within the police department.

"An employee with access to the St. Louis County Police Department (who also happens to be a NOWsec sympathiser) is aware of NOWsec's operations and believes officers are worried" the report said.

Kafir added that the group is not finished with its campaign: "We will list every Klan member and Ghoul Squad member we can find."

The Ghoul Squad, which Wilson is suspected to be a member of, is a group of law enforcement officials in the area who are silent members of the TAKKKK.

Kafir added: "NOWsec's current goal is exposing connections between TAKKKK and law enforcement involved in policing Ferguson protests."