The long awaited movie adaptation of the EL James novel Fifty Shades Of Grey finally and officially landed when the world premiere took place on Wednesday (11 February) as part of the Berlin film festival.

Like the book, the film has received mixed reviews to date, which was something the male lead Jamie Dornan pointed out on the red carpet.

"It seems that it's to a lot of people's taste," he said. "One hundred million people it's hard to argue with according to the books but there'll be people who have an opinion before it comes out and you can't stop that. That's their prerogative."

Dornan plays Christian Grey, a good-looking, wealthy businessman who begins a relationship with literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson). However, his sexual needs are an unexpected surprise for Anastasia.

With a huge following and well as substantial pre-ordered ticket sales, it's expected that Dornan and Johnson will both become household names overnight.

"I mean, I always say this but at my core, nothing is going to change in my life in terms of I'm married, I have a baby, I've got the same friends I've had since I was a very small boy so they're not going anywhere. Yeah, I might get recognised in the street a bit more and things might change on that level but the main core things that I think in life that are worthwhile, they won't change," he said.

Johnson, who is daughter of Hollywood actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, was living for the moment. "I am focusing on staying upright at this moment but I'm excited. Everything is really amazing. This is cosy," she said.

The film has had mixed reviews, with some critics panning the movie, while others admitted they enjoyed it.

Emotional fans lined the red carpet at the Zoo Palast in Berlin - a phenomenon possibly only the author James could understand why.

"No I don't, I've got no idea," she quipped. "I think generally women like a really good passionate love story and this is about a really strong young woman who doesn't realise she's a really strong woman and a guy who is fundamentally very very fragile and she fixes him up. Isn't that what women want to do with all of their men, you know? So it's a fantasy, let's face it."

US President Barack Obama's recent plea at the Grammy Awards about sexual assault and domestic abuse has made it a hot topic, and a protest group has stated Fifty Shades Of Grey is advocating domestic violence.

"I think they haven't seen the movie," said director Sam Taylor-Johnson, "because I feel like I empower this woman and I give her the final word and the message is very strong and the end message is really 'No' when someone crosses a line so I'm really hoping that people won't feel that, of course and that they'll see it very differently."

Fifty Shades Of Grey opens worldwide on Valentine's Day.