Despite the PS5 impending arrival in 2020, Sony shows no plans to change its support for the PS4. Gamers still have a lot of first-party titles heading their way well into next year. "Death Stranding" is already out an is receiving favourable feedback, while "The Last of Us Part II" and "Ghost of Tsushima" are already marked on the calendar. Nevertheless, among the stellar lineup of games heading its way, perhaps one of the most highly anticipated is "Final Fantasy VII Remake." A recent development reveals that just like the original one that came out on the PlayStation, Square Enix confirms it will be a timed exclusive for now.

As far as the gaming industry knows, there was never any official announcement related to other platforms. Earlier this year, a report suggested that action-RPG was also heading to the Xbox One and PC. However, a pre-E3 press release noted it will first release for the PS4 only on March 3, 2020. Furthermore, it was not detailed as to when the exclusivity will end.

Meanwhile, similar to how Hideo Kojima's latest project was thought to be a Sony exclusive at first but was later clarified as such for a certain period only. Sources point out that an updated box art for "Final Fantasy VII Remake" on Square Enix's store page now features additional information. According to IGN, the details disclosed that it will be a PS4 exclusive for a year only.

It can be considered as devastating news for those on PC and Xbox One. Moreover, it means that gamers on the latter platform will already see the release of Project Scarlett before they can get their hands on the title. Even if they upgrade to the next generation home console, Microsoft already confirmed it will support backward compatibility. Hence, there it is likely they will get to enjoy an optimised version of the game.

"Final Fantasy VII Remake" will not span the entire story of the original. Instead, Square Enix planned its development with an episodic format in mind. It is expected to have three chapters in total, with each installment offering full-length gameplay and story. It seems that the developer is trying to emulate the three-disc format of the original when it came out on the first-generation PlayStation in 1997.

Final Fantasy 7
Protagonist Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Square Enix