Dory is on a personal mission to find her family in the new TV spot Finding Dory. Ellen DeGeneres will voice the forgetful tang fish as she reunites with Nemo and Marlin to find answers about her past.

The 30-second footage opens with a message saying, "The wait is over. The time has come. She's almost here."

"My family! I have to find them," yells a frantic Dory, who also tells Nemo, "They' with, maybe, yellow."

"Mom! Dad!" she yells again, swimming towards a group of blue tang fish in a tank. Following this, Marlin sarcastically tells Nemo, "We should just pick two and let's go," and adding, "I am kidding!" The rest of the video is about Dory teaming up with Nemo and Marlin to find answers about her past.

Finding Dory picks up six months after the first movie, Finding Nemo, with Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) living a quiet life in the ocean's coral reef and among the clown fishes, Nemo and Marlin. After going with Nemo on a class trip to see manta rays migrate back home, her homesickness leads the forgetful Dory on a quest to find where she came from.

Dory's mother and father Jenny and Charlie, will be voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy. Co-director and screenwriter Andrew Stanton told USA Today, "Both parents have a certain amount of absentmindedness, there's a flavour of that. There's a flightiness, almost an Annie Hall la-di-da quality to Diane that you just want to believe was part of Dory's DNA. And Eugene brings a nerdy, dorky, lovable quality."

Eugene Levy also dished a few details about the character he is voicing and said, "Charlie is a good dad who thinks of himself as having a great sense of humour, though it's probably not the sharpest. They make for a cute couple, if 'cute' is the appropriate word for a fish couple."

Speaking about the movie's plot, Pixar president Jim Morris previously revealed, "The movie will be mostly set at the California Marine Biology Institute, a huge complex of sea life rehabilitation and aquarium, where Dory was born and raised. We will get to meet new characters, like an octopus, sea lions, a beluga whale, among others."

The movie comes out in theatres on 17 June.