The man suspected of killing one and injuring ten people when he ploughed his van into worshippers leaving evening prayers on Monday (19 June), shouted "kill me, kill me" as police took him into custody.

The 48-year-old suspect was pinned to the ground by people on Seven Sisters Road in north London after driving a white van into pedestrians around 12.15am.

Witnesses told IBTimes UK the alleged attacker reportedly shouted at least three times "I want to kill Muslims" before ramming the van into pedestrians. The alleged attacker also reportedly said "kill me now as my job is done" when people managed to stop him.

"I managed to get him to the ground and me and some other guys managed to hold him until the police arrived, for about 20 minutes I think, until the police arrived," witness Abdulrahman also told the Press Association.

He added that the man was "smiling and laughing" as officers escorted him into the police van.

"As he was held in a headlock he shouted 'kill me kill me, I've done my job,'" said another eyewitness, who was breaking his fast at a cafe on Tollington Park Road.

Onlookers said the suspect was "blowing kisses" from the back of the police van as he was driven away.

Imam Mohammed Mahmoud formed a protective circle around the officer, blocking angry crowds from attacking the suspect as he was taken into custody.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd described the attack as a "terrorist incident" and said the investigation is being led by the Counter Terrorism Command.

The capital's mayor, Sadiq Khan, promised additional policing to reassure the Muslim community and urged Londoners to remain "calm and vigilant."