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Fire Emblem Heroes launched on 2 February, marking the third Nintendo game series to officially transition to the mobile gaming market. The Japanese publisher's latest mobile title shrinks its cult strategy RPG series to fit a smartphone or tablet with impressive results, bringing with it classic heroes from all across the franchise's acclaimed history.

The full list of 80+ heroes spans five previous Fire Emblem titles, with favourites from Awakening, Fates, Shadow Dragon, The Binding Blade and The Blazing Blade. Unlocking your favourites involves a bit of luck with the "Summoning" mechanic or waiting for a particular hero to pop-up in the daily "Special Maps".

Update: Ephraim and Eirika from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and Seliph and Julia from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy Warwere added in a Family Bonds Summoning event on 15 February. These have been added to the five star heroes list below.

Update 2: Karel, Ninian, Lucius, Priscilla, Jaffar and Rebecca from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade have all been added as of 14 March. These have been added to the five star heroes list below.

To help you pick out your best team, below you will find every hero in Fire Emblem Heroes by game (not including Alfonse, Sharena and Awakening's Anna who show up in Heroes' main story mode). Those looking for only the strongest combatants should skip to the bottom where we have put together a list of the highest tier five-star characters available.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Characters from Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Heroes Awakening
Nintendo / Felipefabricio / Reddit

Fire Emblem Heroes: Characters from Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Heroes Fates
Nintendo / Felipefabricio / Reddit

Fire Emblem Heroes: Characters from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem Heroes Shadow Dragon

Fire Emblem Heroes: Characters from Fire Emblem The Binding Blade

Fire Emblem Heroes The Binding Blade
Nintendo / Felipefabricio / Reddit

Fire Emblem Heroes: Characters from Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade

Fire Emblem Heroes Blazing Blade

(Thanks to the Fire Emblem subreddit for images)

Fire Emblem Heroes: All Gold Five Star Heroes

Before we go through the best-of-the-best in Fire Emblem Heroes, be aware that almost all of these characters can drop with lower star levels than the maximum of five gold stars. There are ways to upgrade your characters, however, so it might be worth hanging on to any rare heroes that you get from a lucky summon drop.

The game will also be updated over time to offer special sets of characters for a limited period through "Focus" summons, e.g. at launch, the Deep Devotion Set and Legendary Heroes Set offered the chance to unlock eight five-star heroes with boosted stats (four in each).

Below are all the potential five star characters confirmed so far in alphabetical order, as well as their attribute and summon colour:

Abel, the Panther - Blue

Azura, the Lady of the Lake - Blue

Caeda, the Talys's Heart - Red

Cain, The Bull - Red

Camilla, the Bewitching Beauty - Green

Catria, the Middle Whitewing - Blue

Chrom, the Exalted Prince - Red

Cordelia, the Knight Paragon - Blue

Corrin, the Fateful Prince (Male version of Corrin only) - Red

Effie, the Army of One - Blue

Elise, the Budding Flower - Grey

Eirika, the Restoration Lady – Red

Ephraim, the Restoration Lord – Blue

Fae, the Divine Dragon - Green

Hawkeye, the Desert Guardian - Green

Hector, the General of Ostia - Green

Hinoka, the Warrior Princess - Blue

Jaffar, the Angel of Death - Grey

Jakob, the Devoted Servant - Grey

Jeorge, the Perfect Shot - Grey

Julia, the Naga's Blood – Green

Kagero, the Honorable Ninja - Grey

Karel, the Sword Demon - Red

Leo, the Sorcerous Prince - Red

Lilina, the Delightful Noble - Red

Linde, the Light Mage - Blue

Lucina, the Future Witness - Red

Lucius, The Light - Grey

Lyn, the Lady of the Plains - Red

Maria, Minerva's Sister - Grey

Marth, the Altean Prince - Red

Merric, the Wind Mage - Green

Minerva, the Red Dragoon - Green

Ninian, the Oracle of Destiny - Blue

Nowi, the Eternal Youth - Blue

Ogma, the Loyal Blade - Red

Peri, the Playful Slayer - Blue

Priscilla, the Delicate Princess - Grey

Raven, the Peerless Fighter - Green

Rebecca, the Wildflower - Grey

Robin, the High Deliver (Focus summon only) - Blue

Roy, the Young Lion - Red

Ryoma, the Peerless Samurai - Red

Seliph, the Heir of Light – Red

Sheena, the Princess of Gra - Green

Takumi, the Wild Card - Grey

Tharja, the Dark Shadow - Red

Tiki, the Dragon Scion - Red

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