Fish that fell from the sky
A fish that fell from the sky
Pictures shared by Tamaulipas Civil Defence of fish that reportedly fell from the sky

The civil defence force in a northern Mexican province have said that a light rain over one city didn't just bring a drizzle. Tamaulipas Civil Protection said on their Facebook page that small fish "literally fell from the sky" on 27 September.

In what authorities described as a "curious case in Tampico", a city in Tamaulipas, a rather large amount of small fish came down with a "slight rain". The civil protection force shared two pictures, one revealed a small fish on the ground while another showed four different small fish held over a plastic bag.

Some users on the social media site suggested that tornadoes could have picked up the little creatures on the way to shore before they finally rained down on the city. One user suggested that to be more analytical, the fish should get an autopsy to discover their time of death.

It's not the first time this has happened. Incidences of raining fish have been reported all around the world. In 2014, a village in Sri Lanka was left shocked when fish sized between 5-8cm fell from the sky during a storm - some reportedly still alive.

The phenomenon has even taken place in the UK. In 2004, the small Welsh village of Knighton suddenly had fish falling from the sky. At the time, the Met Office told the Telegraph gave this explanation: "Lightweight items like a fish or a small frog may be caught in a strong storm and cloud updrafts, rising higher and higher until it is thrown out or drops like a hailstone."