Flash season 2 episode 20
Barry Allen with Cisco Ramon in The Flash season 2 episode 20 pictures The CW

Where is Barry Allen? Is he really dead? What will Zoom do next? Are Jesse and Wally affected by the particular accelerator explosion? There are the questions that fans are asking after watching The Flash season 2 episode 20 titled Rupture and they can expect an answer in the upcoming episode.

This Tuesday's episode (3 May) found Zoom returning to Earth-1 with a meta-human called Rupture to take over Central City, while Barry, who has no speed force left in his system, debated if he should go ahead with Harrison Wells's plan to create another particular accelerator to get his powers back.

Meanwhile, Cisco Ramon vibed about his brother Dante, as it turned out Rupture was his brother's evil doppelganger from Earth-2, who had come to Earth-1 to seek revenge for his brother Reverb. The police gang alongside Joe West and Cisco were able to capture Rupture but things turned deadly when Zoom showed up.

The episode progressed with Zoom killing a bunch of police and revealing to everyone that Flash is gone, upon which Barry decided to go through with Wells's plan. The episode ended with Barry disappearing in thin air, as Zoom declares Barry is dead. Also, we saw Wally and Jesse, who tried to break out of the hidden chamber lying unconscious on the ground, hinting that they too are affected by the explosion.

In the episode, Barry and Iris West finally had a discussion, where Iris admitted that she has feelings for him, and that she will be there waiting for him always.

Flash season 2 episode 20
Barry with Iris West in The Flash season 2 episode 20 pictures The CW

Warning: spoilers ahead

So, is Barry dead? Well the scarlet speedster is alive but is seemingly stuck in a different dimension. Speaking of Jesse and Wally, this could be the origin story of them becoming speedsters, like in the Flash Comics. Episode 21 of The Flash season 2 is titled The Runaway Dinosaur and will air on May 10 at 8pm EST on The CW.

The official synopsis for the Kevin Smith-directed episode reads as follows:

The promo opens with Wells devising a plan with Cisco to find out Barry's location. Wells tells Cisco: "Your brain waves sends a necessary data to pin-point whatever corner of the universe Barry is struck." The footage shows Barry waking up in a weird world with Iris and Joe.

Barry begs: "Please let me go back right now. My whole world is in danger. I have to leave," as a cryptic Joe replies: "You are not going back."

Where is Barry struck? Can he get out of there to take down Girder? Keep watching The Flash season 2 every Tuesdays on The CW.