The Flash season 2 returned from hiatus with a shocking episode that featured Barry confronting Jay Garrick aka Zoom. But unfortunately, the speed demon won, and even stole Flash's speed and kidnapped Caitlin Snow by the end of the hour.

Episode 18 titled Versus Zoom also revealed that Zoom and Flash had a similar origin story, but unlike Barry, Hunter Zoloman had no family to take him in after his parent's death and had to stay at an orphanage that eventually made him a sociopath and serial killer. Another big surprise in the episode was that he did care for Caitlin Snow as he lets go of Barry when she begs him to. However, it also ended with Snow getting kidnapped by Zoom.

Teddy Sears, who plays Zoom, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about stealing Barry's speed in episode 18. He said, "There's that smug satisfaction that comes with seeing your long, multi-month plan come to fruition. For one, Zoom needs Barry's speed for a very specific reason. We'll get into why. He's satisfied on a number of counts. Of course, he gets the girl by any means necessary. She's not a trophy; she really is someone he believes that he loves and wants to have with him."

In a separate interview with TV Line, the actor spoke about Jay and Caitlin's relationship. According to Teddy Sears, Hunter's feelings for Caitlin are real. He said, "Hunter Zolomon has been kissing Caitlin this whole time, and Hunter Zolomon has real feelings for Caitlin while he played everybody else. What wasn't part of the plan was falling for Caitlin, so that was a nice little twist."

"That was something the writers wanted me to keep in mind very early on, that what quote-unquote "Jay" is experiencing for Caitlin is very real and unanticipated. The one thing that was real, the only thing that was real, was his feelings for her," the 39-year-old actor added.

Speaking about Hunter and Barry's almost similar childhood, Sears explained, "It's mirror image to Barry Allen's backstory. These two had a similar event happen to them at virtually the same age in their childhood. Barry went one direction, Hunter went the other. "

"I can describe it as parallel events in the lives of these two kids which help form their identity going forward, one using his abilities for good, the other one for... not-so-good, to put it mildly. We're going to see that play out in this episode: Why is Zoom the way he is, how did he become this guy?" he added.

If you missed The Flash season 2 episode 18, click here to watch it online.