Flash season 3 episode 16
Barry and Iris are engaged in The Flash season 3 The CW/ Warner Bros TV

The Flash-Supergirl crossover episode provided a much-needed break from the doomed destiny of Iris with the singing and dancing. The 21 March special episode of The Flash season 3 ended with Barry Allen and Iris West rekindling their romance and getting engaged once again.

However, Savitar is still out there, and the future where he ultimately kills Iris is still happening. The upcoming episode of The Flash will dive right into the serious issues at hand when a new villain from the future, Abra Kadabra, arrives in Central, and it provides Barry with a chance of learning Savitar's true identity.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

A promo for the episode shows Gypsy explaining to the Flash team about the new villain in Central City. She says, "He calls himself Abra Kadabra." We also see the magician confronting Barry as he tells the Speedster, "You and I have been enemies for years." Later, Barry learns that he is from the future, 64th century to be precise.

Joe West points out, "He has information that can save Iris' life" as Kadabra tells Barry, "I know who Savitar is!" However, Cisco and Gypsy might stand in their way. This episode will inch closer to learning Savitar's indentity for sure.

Episode 18 is titled, Abra Kadabra, which will air on 28 March at 8pm EST on The CW Network. The official synopsis reads as follows: