Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham attends the photocall of MTV's new show Single AF at MTV London on 25 June 2017 in London, England Getty

Farrah Abraham has come under fire from social media users yet again. The Teen Mom star posted an advertisement featuring her eight-year-old daughter Sophia on Instagram, which shows her wearing make-up and promoting a fashion website.

Sophia is seen wearing lipstick and eye-liner and is dressed in a denim shirt and lacy yellow skirt in the advertisement poster, which also says, "Free trial package delivered right to your doorstep."

"#firstdayofschool free package @chickbyglossy@sophialabraham www.ChickByGlossy.com code "Sophia" #School #Fashion," Abraham captioned the Instagram post.

Most users were disappointed with the reality star and said so in the comments section of the post. "She is a kid‍♀️ why is she wearing makeup," one user asked.

"That's your daughter, your choice. I agree with you though on kids not using a lot of makeup." A user asked, "Has she got her first day in therapy package yet? Because you're a f**k up," another pointed out.

"Once again she uses poor Sophia !! Sad how greedy she is and will stoop to low levels to make money!!!" commented one other user.

Some followers accused Farrah of exploiting her daughter, some called her "crazy" for "putting your daughter all over social media".

"Let her be a kiddo! Why are you exploiting her and why is she wearing makeup like a teenager? @farrah__abraham Being mature and a little independent is great for a little girl but too much will just push that little princess so far away from you," a comment read.

"Code: exploit your child as much as possible. Expires: when said child files for emancipation," a user concerned for the eight-year-old girl wrote in the comments section.

Meanwhile, the Teen Mom OG star recently revealed to Star Magazine that she will not attend her mother Debra Danielsen's upcoming wedding to Dr David Merz.

She told the outlet, "Currently, right now, I've let [my mom] know that I will not be involved [in her wedding]. I do wish her the best, always, but it's sad to me that someone she's bringing into her life, and wanting to create a 'family' with doesn't really know how to do that properly."