Mayim Bialik has begun filming for The Big Bang Theory and took to her blog to share some teasers about season 11's premiere episode.

The actress who plays Amy Farrah Fowler posted a photo from the show's set, which features her standing near a cake with The Big Bang Theory season 11 written behind it. "We filmed the 1st episode of @BigBangTheory_cbs last night and I did want to share with you some behind the scenes pictures and tidbits," she captioned the Instagram post.

Bialik then shared a brief breakdown of some of the highlights of being back at work on her blog, and shared some teasers from episode 1 and lots of set pictures.

Revealing that filming for season 11 had begun, she confirmed that she would not post any spoilers. "I do want you to know that I had no idea all summer what Amy was going to say to Sheldon, or even if this first episode would reveal it! They could have done a thousand different storylines to keep you all waiting...but they pick up right where we left off," the CBS star wrote.

Further revealing the opening scene of TBBT season 11, she insisted, "And by "right where we left off' I mean literally – RIGHT WHERE WE LEFT OFF. As in: same set, same body position, same robe for me and barely any makeup."

The former Blossom actress revealed that she had to trim her hair to make it the same length as it was back then.

"(Mayim the Actor always wanted to look a bit more made-up when Sheldon proposed but Amy the Character was caught off-guard so, barely any makeup it is!), and I needed to get a hair trim to make sure my hair is the same length as it was 3 ½ months ago!" she wrote in her blog.

The 41-year-old actress also promised that episode 1 would answer whether Amy would accept Sheldon's proposal. "So I won't say more except to say that you definitely get answers in this first episode!" she teased.

The 11th season of TBBT returns on Monday, 25 September.